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Sculpture by Teangi in the Community ::
Teangi Chambers has a passion for animal welfare and her own dog Bart, who is known as the 'CEO' of Sculpture by Teangi, was a rescue dog.
Bart has really rescued Teangi so she is only too aware of the difference a rescue animal can make to someone's life as can someone make to the life of a rescue animal.

Adopt, don't shop!

Teangi is also a lover of wildlife and nature... so it's not just pets she loves, it's any living creature.

Teangi has donated artworks to a number of organisations (listed below) and continues to support as many organisations as possible each year.


Bart, 'CEO' of Sculpture by Teangi
For information on community support please email Teangi at info@sculpturebyteangi.com.au
Teangi is a proud member of HeARTs Speak - Artists. Helping. Animals.
Greyhound Rescue

Golden Retriever Rescue

Fetching Dogs

Free the Bears

Wildlife  Alliance
Tex the custom metal dog pet sculpture
Moorook Animal Shelter

Shar Pei Rescue Inc

Willow Wood Sanctuary

Staffy Rescue

Peiradise - Paradise for Rescued Shar Pei

Maggies Rescue