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I can sculpt your pet ::
Do you love your pet and just can't get enough of them? Is your pet sadly no longer around but you want them there forever?
I can create a metal sculpture of your dog, cat or any other pet, showing their individual features and personality.

Each sculpture is quoted individually depending on the work that is involved with prices starting from $550. To view a selection of previous 'sculpt my pet' commissions click on the image below and scroll to see the sculpture compared to the 'real' pet.

For a personalised quote just email Teangi a full body picture of your pet to info@sculpturebyteangi.com.au.
Amy vs Amy.jpg
angus vs angus.jpg
Toby vs Toby.jpg
brandy vs brandy.jpg
cody vs cody.jpg
Corkie vs corkie.jpg
deebo vs deebo.jpg
Flash vs flash.jpg
Frankie vs frankie.jpg
honey vs honey.jpg
jack vs jack.jpg
jessie vs jessie.jpg
jordan vs jordan.jpg
lisa vs lisa.jpg
lola vs lola.jpg
luka vs luka.jpg
maxine vs maxine.jpg
mojo vs mojo.jpg
petey vs petey.jpg
piggly vs piggly.jpg
Reba vs Reba.jpg
Smash vs Smash.jpg
Socks vs Socks.jpg
Tex vs Tex.jpg
Vegaz vs Vegaz.jpg
Marley vs Marley.jpg
bean vs bean.jpg
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